About Founder

Mr.Tushar Tyagi is an Indian born and raised filmmaker. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the College of Engineering Roorkee in India and a degree in Directing and Filmmaking from New York Film Academy. From a very early age, he realized he wanted to tell stories, and show life as art and art as life.

Tushar Tyagi has made over 10 films, over the years he has traveled to many prestigious film festivals, where his films have participated and won. He had also been on the panel of judges for numerous film festivals in the United States and India. Obtaining a deep understanding and knowledge from his experiences of being on both ends (Participant & Jury). He then decided to form the Yellowstone Film Festival, which can serve as a platform for showcasing quality independent cinema. 

Coming from an Independent filmmaker’s background, he completely understands all the challenges it takes to make a film.  he says now its time for him to help grow fellow independent filmmakers, through the medium of this film festival.